For Sellers

Get More Reviews, More Sales, Higher Ranking!

For sellers on Amazon, reviews and feedback are their lifeblood. But less than 0.5% of buyers on Amazon leave reviews. Without reviews it's difficult to make sales, and many of these small businesses don't survive.


Product Elf has access to a large variety of reviewers, many of whom review full time. Listing a product or book with Product Elf, raises the ranking of your item, as well as provides reviews that encourage new buyers. Nobody wants to buy that item that looks like no one has bought before.


Here's how it works:

1) Post an offer on Product Elf. You can choose to either give out codes automatically or to give each code out manually, depending on whether you would like to free up your time or have more control over who gets your code.

2) Reviewers will request the promotion code via Product Elf. If you have chosen to give out the codes automatically you don't have to do anything. If you have chosen to give out codes manually, the reviewer information is sent to your email for you to respond to.

3) Wait for the reviews to roll in!



I came onto Product Elf with the aim to collect reviews for my new product. Not only did I get product reviews, but also seller feedback from the same reviewers. That was an added bonus I didn't expect. You have a great service - Tammy Jacobs, Lonely Earthware


I can't believe how fast I started getting reviewer requests, and then how fast the reviews themselves came in. And the reviews were really high quality. Many of the reviewers even took photos of the products - PJ Taylor, Captain Electronics


OVERNIGHT our product went from not having a seller ranking at all, to being NUMBER 1 in its subcategory. Not only that, it's stayed around number 6 even after we finished the promotion. We'll be using Product Elf for every product from now on. - Joe & Cameron Dawn, Harvest Organics


I have been self-publishing on Amazon for several years. My sales were okay, but not great, so I gave Product Elf a try with one of my books. I got plenty of reviews, and that book immediately started selling so much more than the others. I'm definitely listing the others now! - May Paul, Author


I wanted to launch my new product with a bang, so gave away 100 pieces. This has been my most successful launch so far. It gave me a good rank, visibility and more sales, faster, than any of my other launches. - Drew MacClelland, DMC Kitchen


Using Product Elf saved time and money. Instead of scrambling around trying to drum up reviews from people or ship at my own expense, my only costs were Amazon fees and cost of product. And all it took was a few moments to list the product, and the time to send out the coupon codes. - Sandford Ellison, Savemart